Introducing… Resilience Brilliance

Introducing… Resilience Brilliance

Introducing…Resilience Brilliance, an opportunity for our team to periodically highlight some of the products, materials and techniques that we’re employing and exploring on current projects as responsible ways to achieve greater sustainability and demonstrate our intelligent strategies for greater resilience in this ever-changing world.


Concerns about our changing climate and how to best meet building heating and energy needs are paramount today and are becoming an even greater concern as we continue down the path into what is expected to be a warmer and less certain future. The once somewhat foreign jargon terms like global warming potential, greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon sequestration are increasingly becoming more commonplace buzzwords which are also hot topics of discussion within our homes, at the workplace water cooler and on the ball field sidelines in each of our communities.

It is no surprise then that as initial design collaborations take shape for commercial, institutional and residential projects alike that these topics are brought to the table by not only designers and consultants but also owners, developers and other stakeholders. While each project is different and has its own goals and priorities, something that is communal to concerned participants of the process is the goal to lighten and ideally eliminate or neutralize our impact on the planet through design decisions. 

Innovative and proactive solutions are part of the answer to slow and ideally stop our current course but our resiliency in the face of what’s to come will continue to play a critical role as we persist to solve our current challenges related to resource and energy needs.