“We worked with Ernie at Tektonika on a very successful custom home project. We selected Tektonika as our architect given the connection we felt both in terms of personal relationships and home design and building philosophy. Our project balanced design with sustainability and budget, both from an environmental and ongoing operating cost perspective and Tektonika embraced this challenge and delivered a truly unique family home with which we are delighted Our partnership with both Tektonika and our general contractor, Sisler Builders, was founded on open and honest discussion and debate and Ernie was a good listener, flexible when appropriate but also a powerful advocate / guardian for ideas which he felt strongly about in the context of the overall project design philosophy. Happily we completed our project on time and on budget and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Tektonika team in the future.”


“Tektonika Studio architects was a great firm to work with. The principal took the time to understand the needs for the home design; took over on the portions I wanted less control over; and involved me in the right way with the decisions I really cared about – like the bathtub; tile; counters and lights. I would work with this firm again on future projects.”


“It’s almost a year since our project was completed. Everyday is such a dream come true and we’re appreciating the house and design more and more. Since it was our first experience working with an Architect and building a home – we couldn’t be happier with the results. Ernie really understood our vision and really made it into a showpiece. I feel like he put his heart into our project and was so thoughtful with the details. One of my favorite pieces is the windows. He cleverly placed them to frame the beauty outside. We are truly lucky to have worked with Tektonika Studio Architects and would HIGHLY recommend them.”


“Sylvia and I had a positive and enjoyable experience working with you to design and oversee the construction of our house in Elmore. From the beginning of the design process you listened to what we wanted, provided alternatives and came up with a design that we liked. Your use of our beautiful site works well. You gave us a reasonable number of alternatives so that we were not bogged down with too many choices. During the construction process you worked well with the contractor, supervising the construction and making adjustments where needed. Our experience with Tektonika Studio Architects was a pleasure.”


“Ernie Ruskey and Tektonika Studio Architects did a great job transforming our condo at Topnotch into a dream getaway for my wife and me. The innovative suggestions and ideas Ernie had enabled the job to greatly exceed our expectations. In addition, Ernie oversaw the job for us to ensure the final result matched the exceptional design he came up with. He did all this while we were 1500 miles away in Florida! Tektonika Studio Architects did a great job of seeing the job through to fruition in a very difficult environment. Very professional and thorough service provided. I would highly recommend Tektonika Studio Architects to anybody looking to transform their home.”