Tektonika Introduces Net Zero Ready House

Tektonika Introduces Net Zero Ready House

What is Net Zero?

A Net Zero house is a 100% energy independent and self-sufficient building. All of the energy required to operate the building is produced or offset by the renewable energy systems utilized in the project. In the case of this all-electric and fossil fuel free home, full Net Zero will be achieved by simply adding to the roof-mounted solar PV system.

Energy Goals

The homeowners set Net Zero Ready and renewable energy use as mutual goals for their home.

Energy Solution

Advanced framing and envelope technology combined with triple glazed windows were utilized to create a well insulated, air-tight house that requires less energy to heat and cool. Energy Star appliances and LED lighting were also used throughout the house to reduce the overall electrical demand. Two geothermal wells provide heat for the house through a water-to-water heat pump, which also provides cooling in the summer through a duct air handling system. This all-electric house is partially powered by a roof-mounted solar photo-voltaic panel system that is designed to allow for additional panels to be installed in the future to achieve complete Net Zero status.

Renewable Features

  • Ground Source Heat Pump: Utilizing two geothermal wells, the heat pump extracts heat from the earth during the winter and removes excess heat from the house during the summer.
  • Solar PV System: Roof-mounted 5.5 KW photo-voltaic array provides 30% of the annual electrical demand, and can be expanded to achieve Net Zero.
  • Wood Stove: High efficiency wood stove with combustion air supply provides classic radiant heat without compromising the air-tight building envelope.
  • Triple Pane Windows: Large windows provide ample natural lighting to decrease artificial lighting needs, and have an impressive U-value of .23 for thermal performance.