Located in the midst of a hardwood forest with limited views this house is designed to feel like an extension of the natural landscape. To minimize the impact on the site the simple form of the house slices into the existing slope. The natural slope of the land is maintained and provides visual interest as you move through the house and from the various vantage points at each level. The south deck extends out to meet the rising topography and paths to adjacent gardens and trails. The interior is composed as a grouping of levels reaching out to the adjacent woods. The lower level houses bedrooms including the master which exits at grade to the forest floor. The main level great room is defined by a wall of glass facing south and west and a more solid wall to the north housing functional components such as the fireplace desks and cabinetry. At the upper level reaching into the treetops is a home office and media room. A split mid-level contains the stair circulation connecting the living levels and providing support spaces such as bath and laundry rooms. The house is on track to achieve LEED certification with advanced framing and insulation systems and green materials and finishes throughout. The finish palate will be comprised of naturally finished wood and stone with a steel stair and stained concrete radiant floors.